A Trusted Massachusetts Gold Buyer for over 25 years

In our many years of friendly service to the local community, we've discovered that the most important thing in our business is you, the customer. You're very important to us, we want you to be fully satisfied with everything we do.

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When you have gold, silver, jewelry or a watch to sell, you want to be sure that you are getting true value for your important possessions. For that reason, we offer you this assurance:

See us last - we promise you the best offer




One of the reasons our customers come back to us again and again over the years is that we are experts in many important areas relating to gold, jewelry and watches. We know what your valuable items are worth, and we don't skimp when we make our offers to you.

For specialty items such as gold watches and distinctive jewelry items, we have a large network of dealers and collectors who buy from us on regular basis. If you have an extra special item, more than likely, we have someone standing buy who is very interested in what you have. You sell it to us, we sell it to them, everything is handled discretely and you don't have to wait. We pay you cash the same day you come to see us.


We're open Wednesday-Friday 9:30AM to 5:00PM; Saturday. 9:30AM to 3:00PM. All other days by private appointment. Call (978) 660-8488

We are closed on Sunday.

Q: What are some reasons why people sell their gold, silver, watches or Jewelry?

A: Although personal motivations vary, it's often true that people have jewelry they no longer want or which is damaged. It's also very frequent that people inherit a watch or other valuables. Additionally, it's sometimes convenient to sell gold or jewelry when money is needed for a major expense such as a new car, college expense or medical expense.

Q: How can I be sure I'm getting the best value for my items?

A: In this business, there are many companies that advertise heavily on TV and elsewhere promising to buy your gold and jewelry; but of course, not all of them are going to be the best for you. And that's where we come in. We've been buying gold, jewelry, silver, watches (and bullion & coins) for over 25 years. Many, many of our customers are repeat customers who've come to us multiple times over the years. One reason for this is that we make selling easy - there's no high pressure and we always pay the best price. Another reason is that we know what your items are worth. If you suspect you have an extra valuable piece of jewelry, you can bring it to us in confidence for an offer. We can afford to pay the best for your excellent items because we've got a large network of buyers who we supply with items on a regular basis.

Here's our promise to you -

  • We promise to treat every customer with courtesy and respect. No one likes discourteous treatment and nobody likes being taken advantage of.

  • We promise to pay the very best prices for everything we buy. Generally speaking, we are interested to buy any gold, silver, jewelry, watches or coins you want to sell. In our experience, we almost always offer the best price compared to what's offered by anyone else. However, please keep in mind that we are not a rare coin dealer, so even though we do buy coins, collectible coins of high numismatic value are sometimes best sold to someone who specializes in them. Even so, we are happy to evaluate and make an offer on almost any precious metals related items. If you're not sure what you've got, we can evaluate it for you.

  • We are watch experts: Rolex Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin, IWC, Omega. If you have a fine quality watch that you want to sell, we can definitely help you with a very good price and a fast transaction. We have a large network of experienced dealers and collectors who stand ready to by quality watches right away. For this reason, we are able to give you the absolute best value for your items. Ask around and get one or two price quotes from other buyers 1st, then call us. You'll be very happy to discover that Watermark Antiques & Gold is the best place to sell your items.



Watermark Antiques & Gold
18 North Main Street
West Boylston, MA 01583
(508) 835-4653

We're open Wednesday-Friday 9:30AM to 5:00PM; Saturday 9:30AM to 3:00PM. All other days by private appointment. Call (978) 660-8488

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"After reading some reviews I decided (after checking around a bit) to give "Watermark" a shot. I was so pleasantly surprised by the whole experience from the price I got for my gold to meeting the owner. I have been back twice to sell some more gold. I was really impressed at the no pressure approach and generous offer for my jewelry. I wouldn't tell anyone not to shop around but I can tell you that if you stop here you won't look any further. I told Mark I would leave a good review and this is it. Thanks again if you see this." Gerry

"A+ Go look at everyone else - then come see Mark... You'll be glad you did! I was shopping around for an engagement ring at the big stores (Kay, Zales, Hannoush and some others) thinking they can give me a good price for what I was looking for. BOY WAS I WRONG! A friend referred me to see Mark at Watermark Gold. Mark took the time to understand my budget and showed me all kinds of options. I found the perfect stone and Mark helped pick the perfect setting. The "BIG" stores work off commission and don't care about you or what your looking for! I saved THOUSANDS with Mark and the expression I got when I put the ring on her finger...is one I will never forget. Everyone is asking me where I got the ring from. I happy to tell them Watermark Gold! I will be back soon. Thank you Mark! "